Details & Sustainability

The detailing in Sadie and Paul’s designs is extremely important to them and is often the difference between an okay finished project and a spectacular one. Plaster mouldings, tiles, paint colours, light fittings, and all the beautiful elements are carefully thought through and are brought together resulting in an overall concept of the building that is a joyful synergy of textures and space. The longevity and sustainability of a building is addressed on many levels, the most important one being the easy living flow and layout of the spaces and how they interconnect.

As ardent champions of ‘treading lightly on the Earth’, their designs are always conceived in tune with their impact on the inhabitants as well as the environment. They re-use what they feasibly can and install alternative energy sources when needed.

Their ethos is to respect people and nature, and as a result their buildings are cohesive, visually harmonious and have an ease of circulation through well proportioned spaces.

Space Clearing

The latest trends in architecture and interiors incorporate Feng Shui, (an Eastern tradition that has been in use for centuries) as well as energy space clearing.

As with everything in the universe your home or office is made up of energy. Sadie is an energy healer with a special affinity for buildings. She is able to discern whether a space: be it your office, retail space, your home or anywhere that people spend time, has positive or negative, draining energy patterns. When an energy clearing is performed, it can bring in light and fresh energy which attracts prosperity and happiness for all the inhabitants. It can also be an invigorating energy burst for new beginnings.

This type of healing serves to help many people move forward in their lives, in a positive light.


Sadie and Paul design new houses, by envisioning the perfect home tailored to your specific requirements. They undertake major and minor renovations, which they enjoy designing, as well as interior re-modelling that leaves the exterior shell of a building in-tact. The internal spaces are re-arranged for improved utilisation of space.

Their design style is modern – classic with a strong Scandinavian, pared-down influence. Ever mindful of the unique Cape heritage, Cape Dutch, Victorian and Georgian Styles as well as modern buildings are all part of their repertoire. How buildings relate to their context is also of the utmost importance.

A full architectural service is offered from the initial concept to the completion of the build, including compliance with the local authorities requirements. Their dedicated involvement in all their projects, no matter the size is uncompromising and only tried and trusted builders and sub-contractors are part of the team.