We’re passionate about designing buildings for people.

Detailing in our work is extremely important and often makes the difference to a spectacularly finished project. All the details are carefully thought through and chosen because of their contribution to the overall concept of the building.

Our Story

Sadie Jones and Paul Beyl are the dynamic duo behind this successful and innovative practice which was founded in 2003. The marrying together of these two talents creates the perfect synergy of design and style which is reflected in their work, time and time again.

Sadie began her career in Johannesburg with Julian Michaels Architects and then went on to design retail spaces and a range of furniture for Decorex at Contract Interiors.

When Sadie moved to Cape Town, she joined Wynand Wilsenach Architects and and then went on to set up her own practice, Sadie Jones Architects was born.

Paul Beyl joined the practice in 2009 as an architectural designer and partner. He has worked with Adrian Maserow Architects, Smit and Hydenrich Architects as well as Greg Wright Architects and Kruger Roos Architects and Urban Planners.

Sadie Jones

Professional architect, graduating from WITS University with a B.A.S. and B. Arch. degrees.

Paul Beyl

Architectural designer and partner with 20 years of technical drawing experience.